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Make Money as a Notary

One reason that people decide to become notaries is for extra income. It’s not a get rich quick program but it can certainly help you bring in some extra cash each week or month. Since you control the amount of notarizing you handle, you can also control the amount of money that you earn.

Fill the Position

A notary is a trusted official who adds his or her name as a witness to a document. People need papers notarized in many different situations, and that is where you come in handy. Most notaries offer mobile service where they drive to the person’s location but some offer service at their office, at home, or at another location.

Earn the Certification

One of the great things about earning notary certification is that you will not be required to spend weeks or months or years on end attending school to learn the ropes. In fact, no formal training is needed to earn this certification, although it is essential that you complete an exam ahead of time.

It Looks Good On Your Resume

When you want to improve your resume, the addition of notary work is certainly a wonderful addition that will turn heads and pique curiosity when applying for jobs. Notaries are trusted and respected members of the community. It looks great to others and it feels good to know that you have earned such trust.

Final Thoughts

notary application

It is time to complete the simple notary application and pay the fee to add this job title to your resume. It is one of the easiest jobs that you will ever have and one that has tons of perks that you will enjoy. Join the thousands of other respected notaries around the world as soon as you possibly can!